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Flattening the Covid-19 Curve Will Require Much More Stringent Monitoring and Testing

March 23, 2020 By Jim Harding Officials across Canada are stressing that “we must flatten the curve” to avoid a healthcare crisis. Saskatchewan declared a State of Emergency after known COVID-19 cases doubled to 16, in one day. We went … Continue reading

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We Won’t Learn Much From this Coronavirus Pandemic Unless We Think Outside the Box

By Jim Harding The COVID-19 pandemic challenges us to think outside the box. With economic globalization, geo-political strife and the climate emergency at play, it was a matter of when, not if, this would happen. Just six months ago, the … Continue reading

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Promoting “Small” Nuclear Reactors Is Just Another Diversion From Saskatchewan’s High Carbon Emissions

by Jim Harding Premier Moe has announced he will work with Ontario and New Brunswick to bring small nuclear reactors into their energy mix. They claim this is “to mitigate the effects of climate change”. This is not only wishful … Continue reading

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The West Should Confront Its High Emissions & Stop Blaming Trudeau for Everything

By Jim Harding An overwhelming majority of us Westerners do not support the post-election hype about separation. It is fairly easy, with the emotional contagion of social media, to amass simplistic support for Wexit. But it would be going from … Continue reading

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There Will Be No Calm Before the Storm During this Election

By Jim Harding There is no calm before the storm with this federal election. It is more of a “mess before the storm”, and the storm will be a real storm, as climate blowback from global warming gains momentum. Seasons … Continue reading

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Watershed Wakeup

Jim has recently completed a publication about the threats of climate change and water use especially as they concern the Qu’appelle Valley watershed. Follow this link to download the PDF  Watershed Wakeup

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