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Can We Trust The Nuclear Regulators ?

The nuclear industry has long tried to justify its expansion by promising that a solution to nuclear wastes is in the works. The panacea, we are now told, will be geological disposal. But the public has become more skeptical of … Continue reading

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United Church Calls For Ban On Nuclear Wastes

The United Church, Saskatchewan’s largest religious organization, has entered the debate on nuclear wastes. Its annual conference May 28th in Moose Jaw passed a resolution “prohibiting the transport or storage of high level nuclear waste across Saskatchewan”. This comes when … Continue reading

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A Close Look At A ProNuclear “Environmentalist”

It’s important to know “both sides” of the nuclear waste controversy now that Saskatchewan is being targeted as a nuclear dump. Even if you are skeptical of industry claims that a nuclear waste solution “is in the works”, and see … Continue reading

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