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Facing Our Ecocidal Views After BP’S Gulf Disaster

British Petroleum (BP) is either engaging in a shell-game or incompetent, perhaps both. Initially it said 1,000 gallons was spewing daily from their damaged underwater well head. Then it altered this to 5,000 gallons. Scientists were skeptical once BP belatedly … Continue reading

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Do We Want Saskatchewan to Become a Nuclear Dump

 The Sask Party government can’t make up its mind whether it wants Saskatchewan to become a nuclear waste dump. In March 2009, when the Uranium Development Partnership (UDP) recommended we take nuclear wastes from afar, several Ministers were quick to … Continue reading

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Why We’d Better Learn from the Gulf Oil Spill

Saskatchewan’s economy is second only to Alberta’s in oil and gas export. The fossil fuels mostly go south to the US, which, along with China, is the biggest energy glutton on the planet. This is an inherently unsustainable energy system … Continue reading

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Overcoming International Hypocrisy On Non-Proliferation

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon reminds us that “a world free of nuclear weapons would be a global public good of the highest order.”  Getting there is the challenge.  One prerequisite is accurate and balanced understanding of the Non-Proliferation Treaty … Continue reading

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Overcoming Our Denial About Nuclear Bombs

Saskatchewan is among a handful of places on the planet that has played a major role in the proliferation of nuclear bombs. But for the most part, we don’t yet know our history. The Beaverlodge mine which opened near Uranium … Continue reading

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