“Right living is ‘dharma’ – the bridge between resources, ‘earth’, and human needs, ‘karma’. Dharma is therefore based on the sustainable and just use of resources for fulfilling needs. Ecological balance and social justice are intrinsic to right livelihood, to dharma. ‘Dharanath dharma ucyat’ – that which sustains all species of life and helps maintain harmonious relationship among them is ‘dharma’. ( Vandana Shiva, from ‘Soil Not Oil’)

Moving Beyond: Neo-liberalism in Saskatchewan







You can download the full pdf here: Neo-liberalism_in_Saskatchewan


imagesHardingNader_very_smallJim Harding speaking with Ralph Nader….Of Jim’s book “Canada’s Deadly Secret”, Nader commented: “It’s a rocker.

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A little bit of history… this banner led the Oct. 4, 2009 “No Nukes Go Renewable” walk and rally in Saskatoon, was originally made for the International Uranium Congress which brought non-nukes from all over the world to Saskatoon June 16-21, 1988. Photo Credit: Stephanie Sydiaha.